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Francois and how it all started...

Francois' love for cooking and baking bread certainly comes from his Ouma.

She religiously baked each day and had an incredible passion for food and baking; she was filled with love. Francois was always so excited for the holidays to come so that he could go visit her. Twelve years old and alone on a bus from East London to Durban, on his way for a fun-filled vacation of cooking and baking with Ouma. 

In his teenage years he started out as a table cleaner at an Italian restaurant, where they made fresh bread dough every morning. He made sure that he got to work earlier to learn how to work with bread dough. He fell in love with baking!

He was so eager to practice and learn more about this art, that he started baking bread and rusks during break times at school.

Francois has worked in many different restaurants and bakeries over the past 10 years. Have a look:

  • Pastry chef at Two Dogs (East London)

  • Chef and kitchen manager at Dorpstraat Teater (Stellenbosch)

  • Assistant chef and Chef at Brampton Wine Studio

  • 8th place at MasterChef South Africa

  • Lunch head at the lunch kitchen at Rust en Vrede.

  • Artistan bread baker. at Hoghouse Spier

  • Head chef at Meraki Coffee/Bistro (‘Best Coffee Shop’ at EatOut Awards 2016)

  • Private chef on a yacht (Mauritius, Reunion,, US)

  • A variety of catering events for up to 300 people

  • Various food demonstrations at the Hogsback Christmas in July, and the Good Food and Wine Show at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

  • Co-Founder of Rock and Roast (Cape Town Forshore)

  • Owner and founder of The Bread Bar Cafe



Work cleanly and with love; focus on your food and the taste, smell, and feel; follow your dreams; follow your passion; only you can make this work.

-Francois's Ouma