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It's the Simple Pleasures in Life


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Brioche Buns
Prego Sauce

Francois and how it all started...

Francois' love for cooking and baking bread certainly comes from his Ouma.

She religiously baked each day and had an incredible passion for food and baking; she was filled with love. Francois was always so excited for the holidays to come so that he could go visit her. Twelve years old and alone on a bus from East London to Durban, on his way for a fun-filled vacation of cooking and baking with Ouma. 


Bread Bar

Since November 2019, Francois opened his new business , the Bread Bar Cafe.

Only the freshest ingredients are used and the bread is baked every morning.

You will always find Francois somewhere in the Cafe and his friendly and professional staff are always up for a chat.

The Bread Bar Cafe also offers catering for private functions, parties, office meetings or bread baking classes!